2012 29 November

Praying for Peace in Israel and Palestine

Posted in Steinbach United

Moderator Right Reverend Gary Peterson prayer for peace


Dear Friends in Christ,

 During the 41st General Council’s deliberations this past August, there was a moment when conversation about the Israel/Palestine report stalled over a point of procedure and the arena fell silent while things were sorted out. As quiet conversation went on in table groups, commissioners patiently waiting for business to continue, a lone voice was heard, first singing quietly, then joined by others until the entire room was filled with the words of the hymn “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying.”

I am reminded of this moment of prayerful spontaneity as I contemplate what to say about what is happening in Gaza and Israel. No words seem adequate to address the injustice of a situation where so many people are suffering on all sides of this conflict.

And so I encourage you to join with me as I turn to prayer, in the hope that the power and grace of this response carries with it the hoped-for outcome of peace and justice for the people of Israel and Palestine. And may the recently negotiated ceasefire hold fast and bring calm to a region longing for stability.

O Holy One,
war explodes once again in the lands of Israel and Palestine;
your heart must be breaking.
As we hear the cries of fear and terror, of anger and rage,
we want to respond, to reach out;
we yearn to do what is right.

But the path is not clear: What to say? How to act?
And so, we pray that you will help us find a way
to express your care and love for all your children.

May your Spirit guide our world leaders and all people of goodwill
to reject the path of violence;
to hold to the promise of a frail ceasefire,
and be committed to work for peace and justice.
We pray in the name of Jesus.

The Right Rev. Gary Paterson