2013 8 September

United Church Launches Appeal to Aid Syrian Refugees

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5 September 2013

Today, The United Church of Canada launched a major fundraising appeal to support its partners, ACT Alliance and The Middle East Council of Churches , working in the burgeoning refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. “We are launching the appeal prompted by reports from our partners that the situation of uprooted Syrians is dire and our support is urgently needed,” says Gary Kenny, who coordinates the church’s response to global emergencies.

And, as part of the appeal, the church also issued a statement deploring, unequivocally, the use of chemical weapons. The church also believes their use and the ongoing conflict in Syria will not be resolved by military action. “The witness of the Christian scriptures and of Jesus is that violence begets violence,” said Moderator Gary Paterson. “Together with the World Council of Churches and especially churches in Syria, we appeal to the international community to work cooperatively to find a peaceful and negotiated end to the conflict.”

As the refugee crisis grows daily, the United Church has been approached by the Canadian government to help with the possible resettlement of refugees. Khwaka Kukubo, the church’s program advisor on refugees notes, “Moving refugees from camps to Canada is a complicated process between international agencies and the Canadian government, but we have congregations with strong histories of refugee resettlement, so when the time comes, we are ready to receive people.”

For donation information visit the United Church Website at: http://www.united-church.ca/syria.