2014 23 April

‘Cuz you’re amazing…

Posted in Youth Blog

Hey my youth,

There have been quite a few ant-bulling days lately, as well as a couple of self-conscious youth, so I thought that I would add this thought out there.

Step 1: go look in a mirror for a couple of minutes. Look at yourself as though for the first time. Take in all of your features carefully.

Step 2: come back and finish reading this, please!

What did you see (besides yourself)? I have a feeling that almost everyone looked and immediately pointed out their flaws. Maybe your nose is too big, your lips too pale, your waist too big. Or so you think. Did you know that on this entire planet nobody looks quite like you? Nobody is exactly your shape, or has your eyes, or has all of your features combined. Only you. Does “God made you special and he loves you very much” ring a bell? Only you are you, and only you can control you. Try smiling at the person sitting by themselves in the cafeteria. And don’t forget: you are perfect in God’s eyes, cuz you’re amazing, just the way you are 🙂