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2014 8 June

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Hey Youth,
I was looking through my pictures and I found this one that I had saved from somewhere. I thought it was a very cool perspective on things.

2014 7 June

A message from the Moderator about the Moncton Tradegy

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Dear Friends and Partners in Ministry,What has happened in Moncton is tragic.

I, and so many other members of the United Church across the country, are praying for the families and friends of the three officers who were killed and the two who were injured.  The grief of those experiencing this loss is immeasurable. We are so grateful for the courage and commitment that these officers exhibited, and their sacrifice is recognized and will not be forgotten.

And, we know how difficult it has been for their RCMP colleagues to have remained focused in their search for Mr. Bourque, despite grieving the loss of their friends. May they know that their sense of duty and commitment is deeply appreciated.

Know also that we are holding the people of Moncton in our prayers. At a time like this, when fear and shock intertwine; when gratitude for the commitment of members of the RCMP joins with huge grief; when deep wonderings about how this could happen lead to questions about how to go forward – well, may prayer sustain and strengthen us; help us be gentle with each other; and enable us to touch deep sources of compassion in the days to come.

Gary Paterson (The Rt. Rev.)
Moderator of the United Church

2014 4 June

It’s a Small World After All…

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We are constantly reminded of how small we are on this Earth, but we can’t forget about how big we are in God’s world 🙂
(P.S. Sorry about the sideways picture, I couldn’t figure out how to tilt it. In case you can’t tell, it’s a picture of a city skyline from the top of a very tall building)