2016 24 February

6 Week Lent Challenge

Posted in Steinbach United

For each of the 6 weeks of Lent, you are invited to reflect on the lives of the people who participate in the 6 charities under the 1JustCity umbrella – including West Broadway Community Ministry.

At West Broadway Community Ministry, many of the people  helped are homeless or live in poverty.  Last year,  23,000 to people on disability were served, people with a variety of mental health issues, people on social assistance, and the working poor.  In 2015,emergency food cupboard supplied over 1,800 food kits supporting approximately 3,600 people in the community.  Members of the community join together each day for lunch, a cup of coffee, fellowship, companionship, fun, laughter, and support with the challenges of life.

1JustCity supports the crucial work that West Broadway does in serving Winnipeg’s under-loved and under cared for.   Read about  this 6-Week Challenge.