2021 11 March

Public Intentional Explicit

Posted in Steinbach United

Pie Day 2021 is truly a special one at Steinbach United Church!  We’ve been on this affirming path for 8 years.  Along the way we have studied, asked questions, listened, pondered and prayed. The overwhelming vote in favour of inclusion of people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities in the life and work of SUC is a result of this heartfelt and thoughtful process of growing and understanding together.

Covid 19 means our celebration of becoming an affirming ministry within the United Church of Canada will be a pre-recorded service. In these weeks leading up to March14th, the Affirm team has been focused on the details and deadlines for the celebration.  “Will the recordings be here on time?” “Is the sun too bright for recording?” “Are the photos ready?” Sometimes, when the busyness of preparation takes over, we don’t take time to reflect on the celebration.

As I write, all the components are completed and in the capable hands of the video production team with time to spare! The service will be posted on our website under Minister’s Message.  So we do have time to pause and reflect on this moment and the commitment of the folks at Steinbach United.

Steinbach United Church has received lovely messages of support from across the country. They are encouraging and much appreciated! 

With a vision of hope we journey on.