Labyrinth Meditation Workshop

Labyrinth Meditation Workshop

7:00 PM


Labyrinth Workshop  March 29th at 7:00pm. at Steinbach United Church

At the evening workshop we will learn a little of the history of the labyrinth, and look at different ways in which we might prepare ourselves to walk with intention.   This workshop will be led by Barbara Barnett, Veriditas-certified Labyrinth Facilitator, and retired hospital chaplain.

Barbara says”  “When I was Spiritual Care Coordinator at Deer Lodge Centre I talked about my ministry as offering a safe place for people to explore and reflect on their spiritual journey.   Eight years later, I believe that doing the work of the labyrinth offers the same possibility – but without words.”

Walking the labyrinth is a way of quieting the mind.  There is no right or wrong way to walk, since it is an activity that is a reflection of your own spiritual journey in life.  Some people walk with the intention to address an issue in their lives, others to pray and meditate.  Others want to place in the heart of the divine problem, a fear, a person.   You may want simply to walk with an open and receptive mind.  The experience is different for each person, each time.


To walk the Labyrinth is to touch God and let God touch us.  It is a matter of presence and response.  The labyrinth does nothing to make God more present.  The labyrinth can make us aware of the Presence of God in our lives.


This workshop is appropriate for teenagers and adults.






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