The history of the Steinbach United Church

Early Beginnings of the United Church in Steinbach

Clearsprings & Giroux

Clearsprings United Church

Giroux United Church

The roots of Steinbach United Church go back to 1879 when a  Presbyterian church was built in the district of Clearsprings. The log building served as church and school for fourteen years until a new frame church was built in 1893.

In September 1905, due to the growth of Giroux, (then called Steinbach Station), another Presbyterian church was opened.  Giroux Church

From 1905 until 1922 the Giroux and Clearsprings congregation was served by theology students who came out by train on weekends, staying with families an serving the community. Services were held alternately in each of the churches

In 1925 both Giroux and Clearsprings who were Presbyterian Churches joined the union of churches and became part of the United Church of Canada.

Residents of Steinbach who were members of the United Church attended church services in Clearsprings and Giroux and it was not long before more of the church population came from Steinbach. Plans were developed to have services year round by having church in Clearsprings and Giroux in summer and in Steinbach during the winter months..

The United Church in Steinbach

In 1947 the first United Church services in Steinbach were held in the basement of Steinbach Elementary School (today the site of the City Civic Centre). When that space was not available services were held in the basement of the Steinbach High School (today the Steinbach Arts Centre).  From 1952-1955 services continued in Clearsprings and Giroux in summer and Steinbach in winter with Rev. Dr. McCullaugh as minister.

1956-1957 Steinbach United Church

The Chortitzer Church was purchased and moved to the present site at the south end of Main street.  The official opening of the Steinbach United Church took place on December 2, 1956.

All memberships from Clearsprings and Giroux churches were transferred to Steinbach United Church.

1964 Bell Tower and CE Building

With a growing congregation in 1964 plans were made for a Christian Education Building .  The CE building was completed in September 1965. In 1964 Steinbach and Niverville congregations became known as the Steinbach Niverville Pastoral Charge and remained a 2 point charge until 1990.

Sod turning June 3 1979 – Addition to the front

To accommodate the growing needs of the congregation the sanctuary was expanded and the  balcony eliminated. The front addition and renovation included new Sunday school space and an enlarged minister’s office. A ramp and new entrance made the sanctuary accessible in 1980.


35th anniversary  -Celebration Sunday December 1 1991  Rev B Hickerson, the 1st minister  at Steinbach United  Church was the guest speaker to a packed house.

Families enjoy fellowship and food.

2006 -50th Anniversary

June 11 2006 church followed by a picnic in the Giroux picnic grounds

September  2006  – barbque

December 3 2006 – service in celebration of 50th Anniversary.