Rental Information

Important information for those renting our facilities

Facility Use Policy

Church facilities should be used to foster fellowship within the church family and reach out and serve the general community and its services.

  1. All facility use requests are to be booked through the church office.
  2. Facility use bookings will be considered only where there is no conflict with church services or functions.
  3. Any request for long term use must be approved by the Co-or and/or the Board.
  4. Only those areas of the church that have been designated on the approved rental agreement may be used.
  5. There shall be no smoking, use of alcoholic beverages, nor confetti allowed anywhere in the church building.
  6. The pianos and organ must not be moved.
  7. Any banners, posters, or other decorations in the CE Hall must be fastened to the walls without puncturing or damaging the wall.
  8. Minimal decoration will be allowed in the sanctuary with approval e.g. weddings.
  9. Wedding couples wishing to use someone other than our pastor(s) are required to discuss their wedding plans with our pastor(s) before confirmation is made.
  10. A two hour wedding rehearsal is included in the facility use structure.
  11. We are a green facility so please recycle with the use of our blue bin and compost pail.
  12. Please be mindful that we try to make our facility a scent free environment.
  13. Facility use fees are negotiable for ministry and community service groups whose objectives and activities are consistent with those of the church. Requests for such consideration  must be approved by the Co-or and/or the Board

Base Costs for Facility Use

Additional donations are appreciated.

CE Hall or Sanctuary (includes use of coffee maker):

  1. Up to 2 hours – $50
  2. 2-4 hours – $100
  3. Full day including evening – $160


  • Light lunch use – $30
  • Food preparation – $50

Custodian (if needed) – $30

Sound Operator (if needed) – $30/block of time (1-3)

Responsibilities For those Who Use Our Facility


  1. Only drip-free candles may be used
  2. Please inform our office administrator of the time you wish doors to be opened for the actual event as well as for preparations.
  3. After the function please return all furniture to its original location. Please handle with care.

Christian Education Building / Kitchen:

  1. Please inform our office administrator well in advance the day and time(s) you expect to decorate, set up tables and/or use the kitchen.
  2. The user is asked to do table and chair set-up and take down.
  3. Please leave the CE Hall as you found it. Vacuuming is also required.
  4. Please leave the kitchen as you found it, including sweeping & mopping.  Cleaning equipment is in the cupboard under the stairs at the side entrance.
  5. Any breakage must be reported and restitution for damages may be required.
  6. Please take all garbage to the dumpster on the parking lot.
  7. The Church will launder tea towels and table cloths. Please leave them on the kitchen island.

Long Term Rental:
All the aforementioned guidelines are in force plus:
a.)    Any additional furniture or equipment needed other than what is available through the Church shall be agreed upon first.

Please ensure all lights are turned off when leaving.

About Our Church

  1. Our Sanctuary has a capacity of 150 people with 130 seated comfortably.
  2. Our C.E. Hall seats 150 people with 130 comfortably (using round and rectangular tables).
  3. We have 16 round tables (which hold 6-8 each), as well as 7 (8-foot) rectangular tables.
  4. All kitchen equipment & utensils are available for use (including the coffee makers). Food/grocery items are NOT for use.
  5. The office administrator will provide contact information for any specific questions you may have as you plan your event.
  6. Arrangements for parking attendants and ushers would be an asset for larger functions