Who We Are

Steinbach United Church…


Steinbach United Church is a church that welcomes everyone! From the first cup of coffee as you enter the sanctuary on a Sunday morning, to an open table of communion, to giving all people opportunities to share their gifts and talents in many different ways. We value and include people of all ages, and stages of life, respecting the wisdom of our elders and the energy and enthusiasm of our youth.


As with the United Church of Canada, we are committed to social justice and outreach to members within our congregation and beyond. Through education, awareness raising of the wider church and justice issues, and   hands-on opportunities within our community, we live out our faith which calls us to “Be compassionate as God is compassionate.” Luke 6:36


We believe there are many different ways to understand. We continue to explore what it means to be a people of faith, grappling with our understanding and interpretation of scripture, being open to learn from different faith traditions, and contemplating how it all impacts on how we live our lives. Questions are encouraged!


Sunday morning worship and Sunday School for children and youth provide opportunities to learn and grow. Our music is a blend of the old and more contemporary to express our joy and love for God and the Christian life. Everyone is welcome to sing.


Steinbach United is a small congregation that enjoys being together! We eat together, laugh, play and even cry together. Please join us!