First Interactive Worship Service with Niverville United Church!

Exciting times! This was our first interactive worship  with Niverville United Church with Rev. Bill Millar leading worship.

Rev. Bill shares with us:

So, we start on this new adventure in our 2 communities, and I think it is wonderful, and I am so grateful about having a hand a bit of hand in it, but it is not an end in itself.

The purpose of all this technology that is either working or perhaps not, is about equipping us to go out to enter the lives of folk who are not part of the church, and there to offer that compassion, love – stand with them in any pain of theirs.

For us to do that we need to not run from our own pain, and be well aware of this great compassion, this love that gives us the strength to go forward.

All the trappings, this video stuff, is about equipping us to do the stuff that really matters, the stuff that is outside these sanctuaries. It is about what happens beyond these doors. May God give us the grace to find God out there. Amen