United In Collaborative Ministry Worship – We Will Remember Them


Humanity has been gifted with many blessings, among them is the gift of memory. It is such a beautiful gift when it works well and used well. Today I want to celebrate this gift of memory as we take this time to remember the past. LEST WE FORGET!

What does remembrance means?

Is peace the central aspect in the remembrance ceremony? How do you understand it? The sacrifice and selfless commitment by individuals. We need to acknowledge that there are a lot of people who paid the ultimate price. It is a legacy to cherish, a gift from the living and the dead, and a perpetual responsibility to guard this freedom and peace.

Memories of war brings sadness and sense of loss. We remember soldiers who were killed & honor the survivors. These soldiers were or are mothers, fathers or children. We remember that bombs destroyed schools, factories, churches, and houses. A lot of progress was lost. Nevertheless, we are thankful that we live in a peaceful country. Thanks to those who gave their lives and those still sacrificing so we enjoy peace. We hope that humanity will commit to solving problems by a word, not a gun; to respect all forms of life, and to use knowledge to save life and not to destroy it. The big question is; “will you take a deep breath and think if you want or your loved one to go into the trenches, frontlines or battlefield? Why not honor those who did and remember the casualties of such bravery and selfless