United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

The transfiguration marks the climactic close of the Epiphany Season. Moses was known for going to the mountain, 40 days was a usual practice. Elijah lived and prayed many times. Jesus’s ministry was born in prayer. Every great biblical leader maintained a strong prayer life, connection with God and kept themselves open to God’s guidance.

Have we developed appropriate spiritual disciplines like prayer? Our passion for Justice should begin with our understanding of God’s ways.  Being strong doesn’t mean arrogance or pride. You can be very strong, yet very humble or gentle. Serving God requires that humility, where we treat others with respect, as equals and yet with fierce courage.

The gospel of Mark always mixes the highs & lows, death & resurrection, suffering & glory. As such, the story of Mark ends with coming down from the mountaintop. One definite thing about life is that; no matter how much you can flourish; you will face the lows of life. We need to figure out how we can use the mountaintop experiences to sustain us during our times of struggle.