United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Easter Sunday

Rev Simba shares with us his life experience from Zimbabwe. (1992 Severe Drought and Recovery to New Life)

He writes:

“The greatest day was some time in the summer of 1992, around mid-September. The clouds that we all saw gathering, became more and more promising until they became dark and thick. The most beautiful thing happened. The heavy rain fell like there was never a disaster before. The scent of freshness greeted the land, the birds, frogs, and other species began singing again. The life that we all missed was back, after almost 8 months without any significant precipitation. There was a sense of relief, hope and optimism again.

Suddenly there was life booming in every corner. While it took longer to get the harvests and economic recovery, the natural habitat was looking healthy, green, safe and promising again. It was the greatest recovery I ever witnessed. That is the year I literary experienced a glimpse of Revelation 21. “Then I saw a new earth.” The passing of drought, the passing death, strain and stress, was replaced by life, vitality, hope and security. The best feeling was to wake up feeling the confidence of seeing life. People were happy, wildlife enjoyed, birds could sing again, and the land was full of life.”