United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship Service with Rev Simba

The United Church, at the 2022 General Council, came up with three main areas of focus; that is Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship and Daring Justice. Daring Justice is the willingness to express and communicate our views, even in the very sensitive and nerve touching areas. It is speaking truth to power. It is a choice to challenge the status quo in our quest for equity, equality, and mostly in the pursuit of creating God’s beloved community. If we can’t work out a plan to make this world safe, peaceful, enjoyable and loving for all, then we haven’t started to share the gospel.

What role do you think we can play in SUC?
Have you ever pondered on creating a beloved community around us?
Do you know that God is counting on you, the gifts in you and love and passion you have?
What it means to choose justice as a virtue?