United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

Lead Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Commissioner Murray Sinclair has great ability to speak synthesize important truths in one line. Sinclair sais; “Education got us into this mess and education will get us out;” and “reconciliation is a generational project.” While the education system is responsible for educational deformities, scars, and wounds, if not deaths, the justice system has been on rampage in its own direction, leaving a trail of both, emotional and physical damage. Most of the people, if not all, who did these things are gone. We have inherited this society that is carrying wounds and scars. How do we respond? Do we want to deny responsibility and claim our innocence? Do we want to face the reality that things are not well and take action. Most of us are innocent as individuals but the society is bleeding. Let us do something.

What role do you think you can play? Take a moment and ponder on how we can heal our community from the damages caused by generational past decisions and choices.