United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

The world we live in presents us with the chance to make choices at every corner. To exploit or protect, to love or harm, to save or endanger. Not only for humanity, but flora and fauna alike, on land and at sea.

Jesus addresses the issues of conflict, seeking reconciliation. Life comes out of peaceful resolving of differences. We need to choose peace over war, love over hate, encouragement over blame and condemnation. How can we build ourselves, neighbors, and systems around us? Before our great gifts, let us resolve conflicts, address the differences, and heal our own world. Let us choose peace over war, conflict, or arrogance. God welcomes those who seek life, live to give life, promote life, protect life, and enhance life, whether in their families, at work, at sea, in the woods, and any space that God has created for the whole creation. May we be others, a harvest of life and wholeness, the dews of peace and showers of gentleness. May we be the lifeline of hope and therapy, the bright stars that light their way to restoration, justice and integrity.