United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba Mazhara

Join us this Sunday as Rev. Simba leads the service from Steinbach.

Labels are heavy on those who carry them. It must note that the societal labels will eventually take their toll on the individual. Many people feel the impact of the way the community treats them. That happens in the family, in the church, workplace, school or any social platform, including social media platforms. This leads to different types of responses as individuals struggle to deal with their unfriendly situations. This may lead to withdrawal, depression, guilty, shame, hate and any others. The Samaritan Woman was recorded in isolation, until Jesus met her. Zacchaeus was also labeled. They called him by his job, describe him by his height, and never identified him by his parents. When Zacchaeus met Jesus it changed his life and his relations with others.