United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

With gratitude in your hearts, this Lenten season, sing psalms, sing songs, and spiritual songs to God. After living a life that enriches the community, sing to God. I am calling you to a lifestyle that forms and fashions a champion of faith, a people endowed with grace, people of compassionate works, ministry, and service.       – Rev Simba –


United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

This Lenten Season, in our faith journeys, we choose to be grateful for many blessings that we have received from God’s generosity. Each of us is on a different life-journey, facing storms of life and life challenges. We ask God to teach us to see the rainbows in our storms, to dance in the rain and enjoy the beautiful views that come by going through valleys and hills of life.
We ask that God guides us as we negotiate our corners, to find moments of reflections and times to celebrate life gifts as we go. We are reminded to be  content with what we have, appreciate what is in our hands and the value of the ground below our feet. And may our hearts be thankful for the family, friends, community and environment around us.

United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry

Beloved, we are gathered as a people of faith, called out by God’s love. We celebrate the presence of our Creator and the presence of one another. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from and where you are at on your faith journey. God accepts all of us. Let us celebrate, fellowship, praise and pray, knowing that; we are not alone. God is with us.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

The 40 days of the Lenten Season are a time to think about the presence of the Divine in our lives. Seven weeks for self-examination and reflection. This year Rev Simba and the United in Spirit worship team encourage each of us to practice a spiritual discipline; not to give something up. Each and every day we shall practice finding something for which we are grateful. From a beautiful blue sky to a warm hug from a friend. Let’s write down on  slips of paper each day’s moment of gratitude.

The next Sunday bring your slips to church and there will be a Bowl into which the slips of Gratitude can be placed. Those joining online can have their own Bowl of Gratitude at their home.

“United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry”- Beyond Our Walls Service

Mark 12:30

‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’  The second most important commandment is this: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ There is no other commandment more important than these two.”

This Sunday’s  Worship Service is a Beyond Our Walls Service.  We welcome Myra Gerbrandt, Drop in Director from Steinbach Community Outreach as she shares with us the work and outreach that SCO does.  They assist people experiencing poverty and lack of housing.  They work hard at accomplishing  this by meeting their essential needs, such as food, shelter, clothing and relationship.

This month Steinbach United Church is collecting items Dish Soap, Toilet Paper, Shampoo, Coffee, Pasta and Rice for Steinbach Community Outreach. If you would like to donate, you are welcome to drop off items during our church office hours.



United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

The transfiguration marks the climactic close of the Epiphany Season. Moses was known for going to the mountain, 40 days was a usual practice. Elijah lived and prayed many times. Jesus’s ministry was born in prayer. Every great biblical leader maintained a strong prayer life, connection with God and kept themselves open to God’s guidance.

Have we developed appropriate spiritual disciplines like prayer? Our passion for Justice should begin with our understanding of God’s ways.  Being strong doesn’t mean arrogance or pride. You can be very strong, yet very humble or gentle. Serving God requires that humility, where we treat others with respect, as equals and yet with fierce courage.

The gospel of Mark always mixes the highs & lows, death & resurrection, suffering & glory. As such, the story of Mark ends with coming down from the mountaintop. One definite thing about life is that; no matter how much you can flourish; you will face the lows of life. We need to figure out how we can use the mountaintop experiences to sustain us during our times of struggle.

United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

Human life has been socially constructed and categorized into several stages. These are set, if not pre-determined stages set and laid down. Everyone is ironically expected to go through them. Stages like birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, “married life,” being gainfully employed, … and then death. These traditions go a long way in building a society, if done well. Yet traditions can be very oppressive, if they are meant to be kept at the expense of serving the people they are meant for. Not only does transitioning through these traditions need celebration, it needs to be remembered and put into context.  Marriage, graduation, retirement, transfers, welcomes, death, naming a child, etc, help us in accepting change.

In our lives, how do we find peace with ourselves or our situations? How do we handle bad news? How do we transition from where we are to the next? What is ours when it comes to faith? How many transitions have you gone through & did you do them well? In your times of distress, what do you do? What spiritual disciplines do you employ when faced with life situations?

How does your encounter with the divine minister to your inner being? Where do you seek these divine encounters? How can we keep ourselves in good shape at all times? What disciplines do we practice, when things are great but especially when chips are down?  Sometimes what keeps us going is not what we have, but what we expect. Most prayers are answered when we take action to achieve them.

United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

Someone wise once said; “it is not so much of what happens in our lives that affects us, but how we understand what happens in our lives that affects us.” It is the interpretation that matters. Sometimes it is how we respond than what happens that makes the difference. In other circles they talk of freeze, fight or flight. In ours, “do everything in love.” In our day, it is not food, but music, its genres, theology, environmental views, climate changes perspective and others. How do we manage? Let everything we do be underlined by love.

Love builds community, cares for the other and is selfless. Love seeks to consider the next individual and their plight. How do we respond to people who take things differently from us? Do we condemn or do love them?

United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

When people talk of God calling you; do you think of the church or vocation? The word calling emanates from the Latin word, “vocare’, which means “calling out of.” Those who follow Jesus responded to the call. Thus, being a disciple is a vocation. Where could God be calling us from and sending us where? Is God calling us to do what we want or what is deemed ideal, from God’s perspective? As a church, group, team, are we convinced of our vocation? Do you feel that we have a particular calling at this time, and in this particular community?

Let us take a moment to ponder on our vocation or what is God calling to do and how we can respond?

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

Baptism means different things to different people. For John, it was for repentance. For Jesus, it became the starting point of his ministry. Baptism can be qualified as infant, adult and sometimes even private baptism. Some prefer immersion over other forms. Which form of baptism appeal to you most? Is it about the amount of water or about the inward experience that transforms life? How does your baptism remind you of your own faith journey? Do you need any reminders? What keeps your baptism alive? Take a moment to ponder on your own baptism and how that has enhanced your faith journey.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

Our journey throughout Advent is complete. The waiting has ended and we moved on to what the
waiting was all for, the birth of the Christ Child. Now we have come to the end of the 12 days of Christmas. Today we celebrate Epiphany, denoting the visitors from different lands coming to acknowledge the birth of this special child. Like the spiral that we saw many times over the last weeks, our year has begun with a flurry of special days. Many seasons, many reasons to celebrate, even when we know there is much that is wrong in our world. The journey continues and we live in hope that leaders are soon willing to work towards peace. We do our part in our own space by continuing to be faithful in our own lives.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

Through the coming of Jesus, God is sharing this journey with us. Treasure the spirit that connects us with the Creator and among us. In this Christmas Season, May Christ be born in your heart, the presence of God with you and within you, the love of God alive in you anew, the companionship of Jesus beside you, the light of God to show your way. May the Christ child awaken your love, and evoke your joy and gratitude. May your Christmas be truly holy, deep with love and beauty, rich with hope and joy. Amen.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

So this week we ponder how joy is helpful on our Journey of Hope. How can we hold on
to joy on this journey?

The gospel of Luke tells us that “Suddenly, God’s angel stood among them, and God’s glory blazed around them. They were terrified. The angel said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here to announce a great and joyful event that is meant for everybody, worldwide: A Savior has just been born in David’s town, a Savior who is Messiah and Master. This is what you’re to look for: a baby wrapped in a blanket and lying in a manger.”

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

This week we ponder how peace is helpful on our Journey of Hope.  We all yearn for peace in the world, in our communities, in our families, and in our own hearts. We do not thrive in situations of conflict, at least most us don’t. One person in a warzone in the news recently stated “when there’s no peace, there’s no hope.”

If there were more peace in the world, do you think there might be more hope for us to hang onto? We may feel that we cannot do much about peace. We live so many miles away from most of the conflicts. What can we do? The protests that we are seeing that address places far away may be a specific action that ordinary people like you and I can support. We don’t have to travel half way around the world to make a difference.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

Join us as we start our Journey through Advent

Deliver me to myself
that I, intact,
may know the wonder of waiting
not the preaching of it
not the praying of it
not the formation of it
but the waiting.
Deliver me to myself
that I, intact,
may know the wonder of waiting.

—Catherine Faith MacLean


United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

In life, we meet different people with different needs, in different places and going through different experiences. We see them and treat them in ways that we choose. Sometimes we are too busy to see them as individuals.

Today I am inviting you to a place where we take a moment to think of all the people that we met this week. How many do you remember? Do you have any idea what they were going through? How did you/we treat them? Do you realize that there you met God in them?

What would you do differently next time? Take a moment to ponder on how we have treated our neighbors, as a people? What values do we need to adopt going forward?

Beyond Our Walls Worship Service – Special Olympics

Mark 12:30-31  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ 31 The second most important commandment is this: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ There is no other commandment more important than these two.”

John 13:34-35 And now I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are my

Cathy Wiebe, is the Eastman Regional Registration Coordinator for Special Olympics shares stories of what Special Olympics  offers and how it enriches and impacts lives of people with intellectual disabilities.  As well as how she felt called by God to be part of Special Olympics and once she decided to do it, it has been the best thing that has ever happened to her.


United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – with Rev. Simba

Have you ever felt like you are a victim of the system? What did your neighbors say? How did you respond? Have you ever witnessed other people suffer, not because of their fault? How did you respond? Injustice is when someone in unfairly treated, & even when the society witnesses the evil and choose to do nothing. How many times have we chosen not to take action because the injustice didn’t affect us? If we feel bad about it, we have a chance to take a moment to ponder, seek reconnection with the innermost great person in us. Let us find wholeness and hope in choosing to follow the gospel message.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry with Rev Simba – Baptism & Confirmation

On this Sunday before Remembrance Day, a peace candle in the same shade of blue as the helmets and berets worn by the United Nations Peacekeepers is added to our gathering.

We wear poppies to remember, and to work and pray for peace as we seek justice and resist evil.

We gather to acknowledge our gratitude for: peacekeepers and pacifists, those who served on the front lines, and those who protest and march, those who volunteered and those who waited anxiously at home, those who hoped that things would get better, and those who could not stand by and wait.





United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

There are times when terrible things happen, not as a direct result of bad action; but as a result of not taking the right action. Leaving good things undone may be consequential. On the other hand, how many times did you know the right and good thing, and did not do it? How does it feel to remember the things left undone? How can we recover from such bad feelings, and gain wholeness and loving self that we have been created to become?

Let us take a moment to ponder on how our actions or inactions affected other human and non-human lives? How are we going to respond from here?

United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

In life, many people suffer at the hands of those who have authority. Some are still hurting. Do you have any experience of being a victim of someone’s authority? How did you respond and how do you feel right now?

On the other hand, there are times when we wielded authority. How did we use our authority? Was it for giving service or hurting others? How do you think you can recover from that discomfort so you can experience wholeness once again?

Take a moment to ponder.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Judy Limpright

This God of ours loves all regardless of their race or creed, or sex, or
sexual preference, or marital status, or economic status, or health, or any other way we humans tendto divide people into groups that are acceptable or unacceptable, or clean or unclean. This is the good news!
This is something to be very thankful for on this Thanksgiving Sunday for there is a part of me, for some reasons I understand and probably many reasons I don’t understand, there are times when I feel doubly unacceptable or doubly unclean. There is a Samaritan leper within me and I’m quite willing to blame her for all that goes wrong in my life. I hide her well most of the time. Very few people ever see her. Perhaps you feel the same way at times?

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

Lead Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Commissioner Murray Sinclair has great ability to speak synthesize important truths in one line. Sinclair sais; “Education got us into this mess and education will get us out;” and “reconciliation is a generational project.” While the education system is responsible for educational deformities, scars, and wounds, if not deaths, the justice system has been on rampage in its own direction, leaving a trail of both, emotional and physical damage. Most of the people, if not all, who did these things are gone. We have inherited this society that is carrying wounds and scars. How do we respond? Do we want to deny responsibility and claim our innocence? Do we want to face the reality that things are not well and take action. Most of us are innocent as individuals but the society is bleeding. Let us do something.

What role do you think you can play? Take a moment and ponder on how we can heal our community from the damages caused by generational past decisions and choices. 

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

Responding to other people’s lives:

An old song by the Burnette Sisters, often attributed to William Stevens, entitled, “Farther Along” has become out of touch with the Christian message, if not seen by many as terrible theology. One verse says; “When death has come and taken our loved ones, it leaves our homes so lonely and dreary; Then do we wonder why others prosper, living so wicked; year after year.”

What kind of a Christian wrote this song? Why do you want others to suffer? There is no need to sing “farther along,” we’ll know about it. Just adopt Jesus’ disposition. “Do unto others,” “love your neighbor as yourself.”

How do we respond to other people’s blessings? Many a time, we would look with envy when the next person looks like they got more than what we did. Take a moment to go through your past and check your low moments, especially when your colleagues seemed to have gotten more?  How did you respond? Let us take a moment to ponder on whether our deep lying private responses are essentially Christ-like?

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

In the Gospel story today, there was a man who owed his king a huge debt. He couldn’t re-pay it, but the king erased it and said it was okay! However, that man turned around to a friend who owed him just a little bit of money and got so mad he had the guy thrown into jail! The king was angry that his servant had not treated his friend with the same forgiveness he was shown. Jesus told this parable to remind us that God has given us a huge amount of mercy. That means we deserve to be punished for our sins, and instead He wipes our slate clean!

We can be thankful for that, and in return, God wants us to pass that along. He wants us to forgive one another when people do things against us. This is what we say in the Lord’s prayer. Now, forgiving others doesn’t mean we let them hurt us or walk all over us. But it does mean recognizing God’s mercy, and out of gratitude for that passing it along. Our forgiveness to others is never “perfect.”

We struggle, and we need God’s help even to show other people mercy. But we can take comfort in knowing that His forgiveness wipes away our sins, things we’ve done and even things we don’t know we’re going to do yet! God will always renew and restore us.


United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Ken Delisle

Generous God, you have created us in your image.
You have filled us – each one – with wondrous gifts.
Yet we confess that we do not always recognize those talents within ourselves, or others.
Sometimes we use them to hurt rather than build up.
We confess that sometimes we want everyone to be the same as us, to do things our way.
Forgive us. Nurture within us the gifts you have given us.
Empower us to nurture our gifts and the gifts of others.
The God who created us continues to call forth great gifts from us.
We are one body in Christ. Thanks be to God!

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Easter Sunday

Rev Simba shares with us his life experience from Zimbabwe. (1992 Severe Drought and Recovery to New Life)

He writes:

“The greatest day was some time in the summer of 1992, around mid-September. The clouds that we all saw gathering, became more and more promising until they became dark and thick. The most beautiful thing happened. The heavy rain fell like there was never a disaster before. The scent of freshness greeted the land, the birds, frogs, and other species began singing again. The life that we all missed was back, after almost 8 months without any significant precipitation. There was a sense of relief, hope and optimism again.

Suddenly there was life booming in every corner. While it took longer to get the harvests and economic recovery, the natural habitat was looking healthy, green, safe and promising again. It was the greatest recovery I ever witnessed. That is the year I literary experienced a glimpse of Revelation 21. “Then I saw a new earth.” The passing of drought, the passing death, strain and stress, was replaced by life, vitality, hope and security. The best feeling was to wake up feeling the confidence of seeing life. People were happy, wildlife enjoyed, birds could sing again, and the land was full of life.”



United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Palm Sunday

Hosanna to the one who comes in the name of the sovereign king! Hosanna! Hallelujah!

This is a service of praise and prayer, the service that reminds us of Jesus’ journey to the cross. With warm hearts, let us listen and share, sing and read, praise and pray.




United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Lydia & Micheal Summerville-Dueck

This Sunday, Lydia & Micheal Summerville-Dueck led us in worship and song.

Lydia’s reflection “Sitting with Christ in our Tears”  looks at Mary’s grief and how Jesus walked along side her. As we all walk our own journeys of grief at different times, let us remember that we are not alone,

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

During this Lenten season, let us gather in sacred spaces, discern together, create time for rewarding spiritual disciplines, opening ourselves to new experiences. Spiritual disciplines like study of spiritual books, prayer, contemplation, and others, are helpful in our growth and understanding. Study is one of the most effective ways of overcoming propaganda.

How are we participating in the unfolding story of faith, for it shall be told to the future generations? It is more important to offer solutions than just identify the problems. What are we offering to resolve our problems? How can we enrich our faith story for the next generation? Like life, it is not how long our story is, but its quality and the impact it makes.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

Join us as we continue on our Lenten journey.

The story of Abraham reminds us that we are invited by God.  At God’s Initiative, not Human excellence.  Have we ever wondered how we come to connect with God?

Responding by a YES to journey with God is the game changer.  This opened a new door for him.  He was termed “righteous”  Righteousness is “being one in purpose, direction, and action with God.”  Abraham is considered righteous, not based on good things; he believed God.

Have we ever considered what it might mean for us to believe in God this Lenten Season?  What & Where is God call us to  and how can we respond?


United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

Jesus said ” I am the Living Water”

This Lenten journey let us be informed, be guided, let us feed upon, be inspired, be nourished and be renewed by the word of God, that word that is wisdom, the word which is Jesus Christ.  Jesus who said “I am the Living Water”


United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

The world we live in presents us with the chance to make choices at every corner. To exploit or protect, to love or harm, to save or endanger. Not only for humanity, but flora and fauna alike, on land and at sea.

Jesus addresses the issues of conflict, seeking reconciliation. Life comes out of peaceful resolving of differences. We need to choose peace over war, love over hate, encouragement over blame and condemnation. How can we build ourselves, neighbors, and systems around us? Before our great gifts, let us resolve conflicts, address the differences, and heal our own world. Let us choose peace over war, conflict, or arrogance. God welcomes those who seek life, live to give life, promote life, protect life, and enhance life, whether in their families, at work, at sea, in the woods, and any space that God has created for the whole creation. May we be others, a harvest of life and wholeness, the dews of peace and showers of gentleness. May we be the lifeline of hope and therapy, the bright stars that light their way to restoration, justice and integrity.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

This Sunday, Marlene shared with us the book ” I am Not a Number ” written by Kathy Kacer and Jenny Kay Dupuis.

This book is based on the life of co-author Jenny Kay Dupuis’s grandmother, who was removed from her First Nations family at the age of eight. The book revolves around her struggles at the residential school that does not even allow her to use her own name, rather a number is allocated to her.

How can we deal with such hard stuff? This is not easy to listen to, but we need a prophetic response. What is God calling us to do in such situations?

Jesus charged the flowers with this metaphorical statement. “You are the salt of the earth.” Salt is a substance that works in silence, to change the taste, transform the condition, preserve the quality and does not rely on quantity. It is the quality that matters. As the salt in this era of such scandalous history, how can you and I do in response to individuals with such experience? How do we help heal such wounds and facilitate the restoration of integrity to the victim, the aggressor, and the spectator?

May we respond as the salt. Colossians 4:6 , the writer says:  Let you speech be gracious always, that you many know how to answer everyone accordingly. “May our words and actions be gracious, the therapy that someone is seeking! May god heal the broken-hearted through our words and actions, our passion and compassion, our acts of justice and fairness, our service and our gifts, our talents and our presence.

United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship Service with Rev Simba

The United Church, at the 2022 General Council, came up with three main areas of focus; that is Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship and Daring Justice. Daring Justice is the willingness to express and communicate our views, even in the very sensitive and nerve touching areas. It is speaking truth to power. It is a choice to challenge the status quo in our quest for equity, equality, and mostly in the pursuit of creating God’s beloved community. If we can’t work out a plan to make this world safe, peaceful, enjoyable and loving for all, then we haven’t started to share the gospel.

What role do you think we can play in SUC?
Have you ever pondered on creating a beloved community around us?
Do you know that God is counting on you, the gifts in you and love and passion you have?
What it means to choose justice as a virtue?

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship Service with Rev. Simba

The African proverb say; ” I am because we are.  We are because I am. We are better off as a family, as together with God.  In our ministry, we can  only achieve more as one. Cohesion is not optional but a requisite piece of the puzzle. We have to be one in our intent/purpose, direction and our action.  Whatever we are planning to do.

We are the church together.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba Mazhara

All of us at some point, were invited to an event. In some cases, the places were new. We often wonder whether we should go or not? There is always a risk in taking chances. You and I have been invited to familiar or unfamiliar places. Sometimes we agreed to go and the experiences were fabulous, other times, not so great. We only had those particular experiences because we agreed to try it.

We are invited to this epiphany journey, to follow Christ, in action and purpose.

Are we ready to take the risk?

United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba Mazhara

Join us on this second Sunday of the New Year, in the season of Epiphany. we gather to celebrate life and seek to follow the light of the star that shone.

We are called to be the light of the world.


United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Christmas Eve Service

Do not be afraid; for see, I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people.” (Luke 2:10)

What gifts does Jesus bring to the new world?

Jesus brings hope for the future,
peace like a river,
joy everlasting, and
love for all.

Christmas is the beginning of this new world, a better world,
that we are boldly invited to create together
as followers of the Christ child.

May it be so.  Amen.

United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Beyond Our Walls Service

This Sunday we looked beyond our walls and into 1Just City.  `1JustCity is an organization that supports three drop-in community centers in Winnipeg’s core neighbourhoods:  West Broadway, the West End and Osborne Village.  These services include daily meals, art, senior’s programs, sharing circles, haircuts, showers, laundry, toiletries , and clean undergarments.

1JustCity works towards a city where all are cared for, have enough to eat, a place they belong and feel loved.

Together We Can Make  A Difference!!!!!!

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Covenanting Service

This special  covenanting service involved representatives of the Prairie to Pine Regional Council, wider church and community along with Steinbach United, Niverville United and Simba.

Together we made promises to support one another in our work and witness as United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry. We will walk together on this journey.


United In Collaborative Ministry Worship – We Will Remember Them


Humanity has been gifted with many blessings, among them is the gift of memory. It is such a beautiful gift when it works well and used well. Today I want to celebrate this gift of memory as we take this time to remember the past. LEST WE FORGET!

What does remembrance means?

Is peace the central aspect in the remembrance ceremony? How do you understand it? The sacrifice and selfless commitment by individuals. We need to acknowledge that there are a lot of people who paid the ultimate price. It is a legacy to cherish, a gift from the living and the dead, and a perpetual responsibility to guard this freedom and peace.

Memories of war brings sadness and sense of loss. We remember soldiers who were killed & honor the survivors. These soldiers were or are mothers, fathers or children. We remember that bombs destroyed schools, factories, churches, and houses. A lot of progress was lost. Nevertheless, we are thankful that we live in a peaceful country. Thanks to those who gave their lives and those still sacrificing so we enjoy peace. We hope that humanity will commit to solving problems by a word, not a gun; to respect all forms of life, and to use knowledge to save life and not to destroy it. The big question is; “will you take a deep breath and think if you want or your loved one to go into the trenches, frontlines or battlefield? Why not honor those who did and remember the casualties of such bravery and selfless 

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba Mazhara

Join us this Sunday as Rev. Simba leads the service from Steinbach.

Labels are heavy on those who carry them. It must note that the societal labels will eventually take their toll on the individual. Many people feel the impact of the way the community treats them. That happens in the family, in the church, workplace, school or any social platform, including social media platforms. This leads to different types of responses as individuals struggle to deal with their unfriendly situations. This may lead to withdrawal, depression, guilty, shame, hate and any others. The Samaritan Woman was recorded in isolation, until Jesus met her. Zacchaeus was also labeled. They called him by his job, describe him by his height, and never identified him by his parents. When Zacchaeus met Jesus it changed his life and his relations with others.

Beyond Our Walls Service – Colleen Dyck

Join us as we look Beyond Our Walls and listen to Colleen Dyck from Niverville. She shares with us her story of her trip to Kenya facilitated by Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Colleen met a Kenyan farmer
Lucy and her children. Colleen worked alongside her to maintain her field, prepare her
food, care for children, and haul water. Lucy was one of the first in her community to
learn conversation agriculture practices. She is now teaching these practices to women in her community.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Welcoming Rev Simba & Family & Communion

Together with Niverville United Church, we worshipped together in Steinbach to welcome our new minister Rev. Simba Mazhara and his family and share Communion.

Simba is an ordained minister within the United Church of Canada. He was originally ordained in 2008 with the United Methodist Church of Zimbabwe. They came to Canada in 2015 and was fully admitted to the United Church of Canada in 2017. He served in two United Church congregations in Newfoundland before accepting the call to our United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry here in Niverville and Steinbach.

In his letter of application Simba wrote, “I was attracted by the ministry you are offering and committed to do.”  And also “Your ministry speaks to my inner convictions and offers me an opportunity to fulfill my calling.” What more could we ask!?  Sounds like Simba will also be committed to our ministry.

So Simba comes as our spiritual leader, to guide us as we live into our vision of collaborative ministry. He comes, not to “do it” for us, or to take over all that we have been doing. Rather he comes to engage, encourage, empower and to enable us as we all grow together on this shared journey. To walk along side us as we deepen as spiritual beings. He brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the bible, faith and the church. He brings energy, passion, ideas, and creativity! And he brings tons of experience with young and old alike!

We are really excited to have Simba as part of our collaborative ministry team as we continue our life together as people of faith!

United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Moments of Gratitude

This Thanksgiving Worship Service with Niverville United Church we share and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives.

We gather in awe and thanksgiving . . .

Our granaries are full, our gardens reap plenty!

The lakes shimmer, reflecting the beauty of sunshine and clouds.

Wildlife dots the hillsides. The meadows clothe themselves with flowers;

the valleys deck themselves with grain.

They shout and sing for joy!

As the psalmist sang praises, we too give thanks for all creation.

We shout alleluia!  Thank-you!  Amen.


United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Meet the United Church’s New Moderator

The joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Jan Van Aertselaer and Roxanne Anderson.

This past Friday, September 30 our country observed the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, also known as “Orange Shirt Day” … a day to recognize the intergenerational harm that continues to be experienced by Indigenous families and communities. As a church, we acknowledge our role in this harm, and we remember and honour those who have been affected, as we continue to work toward reconciliation and reparation, so that all of us who have made this land our home might walk together in good ways.

This service we listen to a recorded message  from our new Moderator, the Right Rev Dr Carmen Lansdowne. Carmen is the first Indigenous woman to hold the position of Moderator.

Come touch our hearts, our minds . . .
help us to show compassion, to understand, to overturn injustice . . .
to welcome truth and wisdom . . .
Bless our hearts, bless our minds, bless our wills . . .
What powerful and meaningful words!



United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Farewell Tribute to Rev. Paul DuVal & Rev. Bill Millar

Steinbach United and Niverville United celebrated our time together with Rev. Paul DuVal and Rev. Bill Millar.

We wish them all the best as they continue their ministry journey.  We give thanks that we were brought together to walk in our faith journeys.

Thank-you for encouraging, challenging and supporting us.  And for sharing laughs.  Our very best wishes go with each of you.

You will be missed.



Worship Service with Rev Paul DuVal

As summer turns to Fall, we sometimes find ourselves feeling a little melancholy, letting go of what has been and unsure what’s ahead. I am sure you have wonderings about what this new season will bring. A new wave of Covid? An early winter? Or a long delight filled autumn season?  As United in Spirit Collaborative ministry embarks on a new adventure, we wonder what will it be like.  Human beings are often tempted to worry in the face of transition and change. Yet change, more often than not, brings the joy of new possibilities and new opportunities. So, in the midst of melancholy, or uncertainty, let’s embrace the transition, and be ready whatever happen.

First Interactive Worship Service with Niverville United Church!

Exciting times! This was our first interactive worship  with Niverville United Church with Rev. Bill Millar leading worship.

Rev. Bill shares with us:

So, we start on this new adventure in our 2 communities, and I think it is wonderful, and I am so grateful about having a hand a bit of hand in it, but it is not an end in itself.

The purpose of all this technology that is either working or perhaps not, is about equipping us to go out to enter the lives of folk who are not part of the church, and there to offer that compassion, love – stand with them in any pain of theirs.

For us to do that we need to not run from our own pain, and be well aware of this great compassion, this love that gives us the strength to go forward.

All the trappings, this video stuff, is about equipping us to do the stuff that really matters, the stuff that is outside these sanctuaries. It is about what happens beyond these doors. May God give us the grace to find God out there. Amen

Special Videos

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Band of Colours Plus

At this service Band of Colours+ shares about the resource support they offer to 2SLGBTQI+ youth and young adults in our community.

We are gathered in this space; the place is sacred, and the land is ancient. We are all connected – the land, the people,  The animals, the plants – and we are committed to continue to build relationships with all of creation as we seek justice and peace.

So as we gather today, it doesn’t matter who we are, where we have come from, who we love or where we are on our faith journey, we know we are a beloved child of God.

All are welcome here! All belong.



Beyond our Walls Worship Service – Love Our Neighbor

This joint worship service with Niverville United Church is being led by the Reaching Out Team at Steinbach United Church. This service is part of “Beyond Our Walls”. Several times a year, the Reaching Out Team prepares a “Beyond Our Walls” service, highlighting the work of other organizations that provide support and services to those in need. It’s an important reminder that our faith compels us to look beyond our walls for opportunities to fulfill God’s call to us.
In this service, we will be looking at the educational organizations in the United Church of Canada. We will be learning about St. Andrew’s College in Saskatoon, The Centre of Christian Studies in Winnipeg and the Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre in Beausejour, right in our own backyard. These three centres offer opportunities to study, to enrich our faith journey and to develop our skills, whether we are interested in formal leadership positions in the church or not.

Black History Month Worship Service

In this joint worship service with Niverville United Church, we will hear of the many contributions and experiences of Black peoples in the United Church of Canada.  It’s a time to honor to celebrate the many contributions of Black people to Canadian Society.  It’s a time to remember African Canadian History, the struggles and the haunting legacy of the Trans Atlantic slave trade.  It’s time to really focus, through worship, reflection and deep conversations of the issues relevant to people of African decent in the church. Black History month is also unique to think of the past, the present and the future.

Affirming Celebration Service

Steinbach United has become an Affirming Ministry within the United Church of Canada – and that is something worth celebrating! Today is March 14th – PIE day – Public, Intentional and Explicit – and we were very intentional in choosing this Sunday for our Celebration Service.

Download the transcript (PDF) for “Affirming Celebration Servicehere.