United in Spirit Collabortive Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

Family life is one of the most helpful and basic support system for humanity. Jesus was born of a woman and raised in a family. Even the most important person in the history of our faith, had to be part of the family. It was the mother Mary, who guided the caretakers at the wedding at Cana. The support system is needed at every turn of life. It could be at school, work, church, and community. I acknowledge that some families are more secure than others, yet even those struggling, are important. Mothers have had a myriad of experiences. There are a lot of mothers who did a great job, yet others have faced horrible experiences. For, those whose efforts were rewarded, we celebrate with you. To those who struggled to become mothers or in their experiences as mothers, may you be held in the loving embrace of our God.

Every significant project requires us to put support systems in place, and I call that planning.  It might be short or long term. Planning is inevitable for anything to be successful.  This involves families,individuals, professionals and students. We all have to plan. One scholar said; “failing to plan is planning to fail.”  Join us as we take a moment to ponder on what plans we can put in place regarding this ministry, our families, and our own spirituality.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

You shall love the Lord your God
with all your heart, and with all your soul,
and with all your mind,
and love your neighbor as yourself.
—Matthew 22.37, 39

There are really only two religions. One is the Religion of Being Right. The other is the Religion of Being in Love.   In the way of Being Right, we seek to understand the laws by which the universe runs and follow those rules and behaviors to get desired results.The ultimate laws may be kind or cruel, logical or capricious, — but once you get them right, they are consistent: follow them and you’ll get what you want. The main goal of Being Right is having control. Extreme examples of the Religion of Being Right are violence, legalism, terrorism, war, fundamentalism, and capitalism. This is the way of the world.

In the Way of Being in Love, we experience an overflowing love in all existence that loves us, and in response we fall in love. Love is the greatest law, value, practice, and the greatest result. The goal is to give and receive love, and its practice requires vulnerability, relationship, and self-giving. The Way of Being in Love issues in non-violence, forgiveness, generosity and striving for justice. This is the way of heaven. Sooner or later, you have to choose to impress God or to trust God, to be in control or to be in love.

United Spirit in Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

Our Beliefs & Our Legacies. Beliefs are those things or statements that we “accept as true, or that something exist.” Oxford Dic para phrased. Beliefs are often reflected in our values, character, norms, and traditions. They are the force that defines who we are and what we do.

Do you remember any time in history you did something that you always regret? What did you believe in then, that you do not believe in now? How did your beliefs shape your life, profession, destiny, family or lifestyle? How have your beliefs influenced your relationships at school, at work or in the family? How proud are you or how sad does that make you, to remember some of the things you did?

How have your beliefs affected other people’s lives? Do you think that beliefs can damage how we relate? Why are you willing or not willing to share? Do you think your beliefs have a hand in your prayer life, giving, holidays, sport or business? Do you regret anything, and would you consider a different approach? How can we change or at least mitigate the pain that emanated from our beliefs?

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Beyond Our Walls Service

Reaching out and loving our neighbors is what we are called to do. Join us as our friends from the Agape House share with us the work they do and how the Agape House supports women fleeing from domestic abuse. Our congregations have supported Agape House over the years in many different ways, such donation of clothing, toys and food.

Together we can make Difference.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Easter Sunday

Rev Simba shares with us his life experience from Zimbabwe. (1992 Severe Drought and Recovery to New Life)

He writes:

“The greatest day was some time in the summer of 1992, around mid-September. The clouds that we all saw gathering, became more and more promising until they became dark and thick. The most beautiful thing happened. The heavy rain fell like there was never a disaster before. The scent of freshness greeted the land, the birds, frogs, and other species began singing again. The life that we all missed was back, after almost 8 months without any significant precipitation. There was a sense of relief, hope and optimism again.

Suddenly there was life booming in every corner. While it took longer to get the harvests and economic recovery, the natural habitat was looking healthy, green, safe and promising again. It was the greatest recovery I ever witnessed. That is the year I literary experienced a glimpse of Revelation 21. “Then I saw a new earth.” The passing of drought, the passing death, strain and stress, was replaced by life, vitality, hope and security. The best feeling was to wake up feeling the confidence of seeing life. People were happy, wildlife enjoyed, birds could sing again, and the land was full of life.”



United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Palm Sunday

Hosanna to the one who comes in the name of the sovereign king! Hosanna! Hallelujah!

This is a service of praise and prayer, the service that reminds us of Jesus’ journey to the cross. With warm hearts, let us listen and share, sing and read, praise and pray.




United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Lydia & Micheal Summerville-Dueck

This Sunday, Lydia & Micheal Summerville-Dueck led us in worship and song.

Lydia’s reflection “Sitting with Christ in our Tears”  looks at Mary’s grief and how Jesus walked along side her. As we all walk our own journeys of grief at different times, let us remember that we are not alone,

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

During this Lenten season, let us gather in sacred spaces, discern together, create time for rewarding spiritual disciplines, opening ourselves to new experiences. Spiritual disciplines like study of spiritual books, prayer, contemplation, and others, are helpful in our growth and understanding. Study is one of the most effective ways of overcoming propaganda.

How are we participating in the unfolding story of faith, for it shall be told to the future generations? It is more important to offer solutions than just identify the problems. What are we offering to resolve our problems? How can we enrich our faith story for the next generation? Like life, it is not how long our story is, but its quality and the impact it makes.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

Join us as we continue on our Lenten journey.

The story of Abraham reminds us that we are invited by God.  At God’s Initiative, not Human excellence.  Have we ever wondered how we come to connect with God?

Responding by a YES to journey with God is the game changer.  This opened a new door for him.  He was termed “righteous”  Righteousness is “being one in purpose, direction, and action with God.”  Abraham is considered righteous, not based on good things; he believed God.

Have we ever considered what it might mean for us to believe in God this Lenten Season?  What & Where is God call us to  and how can we respond?


United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

Jesus said ” I am the Living Water”

This Lenten journey let us be informed, be guided, let us feed upon, be inspired, be nourished and be renewed by the word of God, that word that is wisdom, the word which is Jesus Christ.  Jesus who said “I am the Living Water”


United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba

The world we live in presents us with the chance to make choices at every corner. To exploit or protect, to love or harm, to save or endanger. Not only for humanity, but flora and fauna alike, on land and at sea.

Jesus addresses the issues of conflict, seeking reconciliation. Life comes out of peaceful resolving of differences. We need to choose peace over war, love over hate, encouragement over blame and condemnation. How can we build ourselves, neighbors, and systems around us? Before our great gifts, let us resolve conflicts, address the differences, and heal our own world. Let us choose peace over war, conflict, or arrogance. God welcomes those who seek life, live to give life, promote life, protect life, and enhance life, whether in their families, at work, at sea, in the woods, and any space that God has created for the whole creation. May we be others, a harvest of life and wholeness, the dews of peace and showers of gentleness. May we be the lifeline of hope and therapy, the bright stars that light their way to restoration, justice and integrity.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba

This Sunday, Marlene shared with us the book ” I am Not a Number ” written by Kathy Kacer and Jenny Kay Dupuis.

This book is based on the life of co-author Jenny Kay Dupuis’s grandmother, who was removed from her First Nations family at the age of eight. The book revolves around her struggles at the residential school that does not even allow her to use her own name, rather a number is allocated to her.

How can we deal with such hard stuff? This is not easy to listen to, but we need a prophetic response. What is God calling us to do in such situations?

Jesus charged the flowers with this metaphorical statement. “You are the salt of the earth.” Salt is a substance that works in silence, to change the taste, transform the condition, preserve the quality and does not rely on quantity. It is the quality that matters. As the salt in this era of such scandalous history, how can you and I do in response to individuals with such experience? How do we help heal such wounds and facilitate the restoration of integrity to the victim, the aggressor, and the spectator?

May we respond as the salt. Colossians 4:6 , the writer says:  Let you speech be gracious always, that you many know how to answer everyone accordingly. “May our words and actions be gracious, the therapy that someone is seeking! May god heal the broken-hearted through our words and actions, our passion and compassion, our acts of justice and fairness, our service and our gifts, our talents and our presence.

United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship Service with Rev Simba

The United Church, at the 2022 General Council, came up with three main areas of focus; that is Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship and Daring Justice. Daring Justice is the willingness to express and communicate our views, even in the very sensitive and nerve touching areas. It is speaking truth to power. It is a choice to challenge the status quo in our quest for equity, equality, and mostly in the pursuit of creating God’s beloved community. If we can’t work out a plan to make this world safe, peaceful, enjoyable and loving for all, then we haven’t started to share the gospel.

What role do you think we can play in SUC?
Have you ever pondered on creating a beloved community around us?
Do you know that God is counting on you, the gifts in you and love and passion you have?
What it means to choose justice as a virtue?

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship Service with Rev. Simba

The African proverb say; ” I am because we are.  We are because I am. We are better off as a family, as together with God.  In our ministry, we can  only achieve more as one. Cohesion is not optional but a requisite piece of the puzzle. We have to be one in our intent/purpose, direction and our action.  Whatever we are planning to do.

We are the church together.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev Simba Mazhara

All of us at some point, were invited to an event. In some cases, the places were new. We often wonder whether we should go or not? There is always a risk in taking chances. You and I have been invited to familiar or unfamiliar places. Sometimes we agreed to go and the experiences were fabulous, other times, not so great. We only had those particular experiences because we agreed to try it.

We are invited to this epiphany journey, to follow Christ, in action and purpose.

Are we ready to take the risk?

United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba Mazhara

Join us on this second Sunday of the New Year, in the season of Epiphany. we gather to celebrate life and seek to follow the light of the star that shone.

We are called to be the light of the world.


United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Christmas Eve Service

Do not be afraid; for see, I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people.” (Luke 2:10)

What gifts does Jesus bring to the new world?

Jesus brings hope for the future,
peace like a river,
joy everlasting, and
love for all.

Christmas is the beginning of this new world, a better world,
that we are boldly invited to create together
as followers of the Christ child.

May it be so.  Amen.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Fourth Sunday of Advent

The gospel of Luke tells us that when Jesus was born, and the shepherds found their way to the manger and told of how they had been led there, Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

What does love feel like in the new world?

Love feels like knowing I am a sacred piece of a magnificent whole.
Love feels like acceptance and gratitude.
Love feels like being cherished.

Advent is the beginning of this new world, a better world,
where you, and I, and all of God’s creation are treasured and beloved.

May it be so.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Third Sunday of Advent

Hear these ancient words from the prophet Isaiah: “The wilderness and the dry land shall be glad; the desert shall rejoice and blossom. Like the crocus, it shall blossom abundantly and rejoice with joy and singing.

What does joy feel like in the new world?

Joy feels like everlasting love.
Joy feels like the freedom to be who God created us to be.
Joy feels like sharing love and kindness.
Joy feels like pride.

Advent is the beginning of this new world, a better world, where joy boldly bubbles
up in unexpected places.

May it be so

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Second Sunday of Advent

Hear these ancient words from the prophet Isaiah: “The wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the lion will feed together, and a little child shall lead them.”

What does peace look like in the new world?

Peace looks like a flowing river where all living things have what they need to flourish.
Peace looks like a place where those who are weak are not afraid of those who are strong.
Peace looks like good conversations around big tables.

Advent is the beginning of this new world, a better world,
where we can boldly build a good life together.

May it be so.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – First Sunday of Advent

Join us on the journey of Advent

Hear these ancient  words from the prophet  Isaiah:  “Come, let us go up to the mountain, to the house of God, so that we can be taught God’s way and walk on God’ path.”

What do you hope for in the new world?

We hope for a future that is more amazing than anything we could ever imagine. We hope for the healing of Creation.  We hope for good mental health and wellness.  We hope for a world where everyone seeks the good.

Advent is the beginning of this new world, a better world, where we can dare to hope boldly.

May it be so.

Amen .


United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Beyond Our Walls Service

This Sunday we looked beyond our walls and into 1Just City.  `1JustCity is an organization that supports three drop-in community centers in Winnipeg’s core neighbourhoods:  West Broadway, the West End and Osborne Village.  These services include daily meals, art, senior’s programs, sharing circles, haircuts, showers, laundry, toiletries , and clean undergarments.

1JustCity works towards a city where all are cared for, have enough to eat, a place they belong and feel loved.

Together We Can Make  A Difference!!!!!!

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Covenanting Service

This special  covenanting service involved representatives of the Prairie to Pine Regional Council, wider church and community along with Steinbach United, Niverville United and Simba.

Together we made promises to support one another in our work and witness as United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry. We will walk together on this journey.


United In Collaborative Ministry Worship – We Will Remember Them


Humanity has been gifted with many blessings, among them is the gift of memory. It is such a beautiful gift when it works well and used well. Today I want to celebrate this gift of memory as we take this time to remember the past. LEST WE FORGET!

What does remembrance means?

Is peace the central aspect in the remembrance ceremony? How do you understand it? The sacrifice and selfless commitment by individuals. We need to acknowledge that there are a lot of people who paid the ultimate price. It is a legacy to cherish, a gift from the living and the dead, and a perpetual responsibility to guard this freedom and peace.

Memories of war brings sadness and sense of loss. We remember soldiers who were killed & honor the survivors. These soldiers were or are mothers, fathers or children. We remember that bombs destroyed schools, factories, churches, and houses. A lot of progress was lost. Nevertheless, we are thankful that we live in a peaceful country. Thanks to those who gave their lives and those still sacrificing so we enjoy peace. We hope that humanity will commit to solving problems by a word, not a gun; to respect all forms of life, and to use knowledge to save life and not to destroy it. The big question is; “will you take a deep breath and think if you want or your loved one to go into the trenches, frontlines or battlefield? Why not honor those who did and remember the casualties of such bravery and selfless 

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Worship with Rev. Simba Mazhara

Join us this Sunday as Rev. Simba leads the service from Steinbach.

Labels are heavy on those who carry them. It must note that the societal labels will eventually take their toll on the individual. Many people feel the impact of the way the community treats them. That happens in the family, in the church, workplace, school or any social platform, including social media platforms. This leads to different types of responses as individuals struggle to deal with their unfriendly situations. This may lead to withdrawal, depression, guilty, shame, hate and any others. The Samaritan Woman was recorded in isolation, until Jesus met her. Zacchaeus was also labeled. They called him by his job, describe him by his height, and never identified him by his parents. When Zacchaeus met Jesus it changed his life and his relations with others.

Beyond Our Walls Service – Colleen Dyck

Join us as we look Beyond Our Walls and listen to Colleen Dyck from Niverville. She shares with us her story of her trip to Kenya facilitated by Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Colleen met a Kenyan farmer
Lucy and her children. Colleen worked alongside her to maintain her field, prepare her
food, care for children, and haul water. Lucy was one of the first in her community to
learn conversation agriculture practices. She is now teaching these practices to women in her community.

United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Welcoming Rev Simba & Family & Communion

Together with Niverville United Church, we worshipped together in Steinbach to welcome our new minister Rev. Simba Mazhara and his family and share Communion.

Simba is an ordained minister within the United Church of Canada. He was originally ordained in 2008 with the United Methodist Church of Zimbabwe. They came to Canada in 2015 and was fully admitted to the United Church of Canada in 2017. He served in two United Church congregations in Newfoundland before accepting the call to our United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry here in Niverville and Steinbach.

In his letter of application Simba wrote, “I was attracted by the ministry you are offering and committed to do.”  And also “Your ministry speaks to my inner convictions and offers me an opportunity to fulfill my calling.” What more could we ask!?  Sounds like Simba will also be committed to our ministry.

So Simba comes as our spiritual leader, to guide us as we live into our vision of collaborative ministry. He comes, not to “do it” for us, or to take over all that we have been doing. Rather he comes to engage, encourage, empower and to enable us as we all grow together on this shared journey. To walk along side us as we deepen as spiritual beings. He brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the bible, faith and the church. He brings energy, passion, ideas, and creativity! And he brings tons of experience with young and old alike!

We are really excited to have Simba as part of our collaborative ministry team as we continue our life together as people of faith!

United In Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Moments of Gratitude

This Thanksgiving Worship Service with Niverville United Church we share and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives.

We gather in awe and thanksgiving . . .

Our granaries are full, our gardens reap plenty!

The lakes shimmer, reflecting the beauty of sunshine and clouds.

Wildlife dots the hillsides. The meadows clothe themselves with flowers;

the valleys deck themselves with grain.

They shout and sing for joy!

As the psalmist sang praises, we too give thanks for all creation.

We shout alleluia!  Thank-you!  Amen.


United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Meet the United Church’s New Moderator

The joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Jan Van Aertselaer and Roxanne Anderson.

This past Friday, September 30 our country observed the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, also known as “Orange Shirt Day” … a day to recognize the intergenerational harm that continues to be experienced by Indigenous families and communities. As a church, we acknowledge our role in this harm, and we remember and honour those who have been affected, as we continue to work toward reconciliation and reparation, so that all of us who have made this land our home might walk together in good ways.

This service we listen to a recorded message  from our new Moderator, the Right Rev Dr Carmen Lansdowne. Carmen is the first Indigenous woman to hold the position of Moderator.

Come touch our hearts, our minds . . .
help us to show compassion, to understand, to overturn injustice . . .
to welcome truth and wisdom . . .
Bless our hearts, bless our minds, bless our wills . . .
What powerful and meaningful words!



United in Spirit Collaborative Ministry – Farewell Tribute to Rev. Paul DuVal & Rev. Bill Millar

Steinbach United and Niverville United celebrated our time together with Rev. Paul DuVal and Rev. Bill Millar.

We wish them all the best as they continue their ministry journey.  We give thanks that we were brought together to walk in our faith journeys.

Thank-you for encouraging, challenging and supporting us.  And for sharing laughs.  Our very best wishes go with each of you.

You will be missed.



Worship Service with Rev Paul DuVal

As summer turns to Fall, we sometimes find ourselves feeling a little melancholy, letting go of what has been and unsure what’s ahead. I am sure you have wonderings about what this new season will bring. A new wave of Covid? An early winter? Or a long delight filled autumn season?  As United in Spirit Collaborative ministry embarks on a new adventure, we wonder what will it be like.  Human beings are often tempted to worry in the face of transition and change. Yet change, more often than not, brings the joy of new possibilities and new opportunities. So, in the midst of melancholy, or uncertainty, let’s embrace the transition, and be ready whatever happen.

First Interactive Worship Service with Niverville United Church!

Exciting times! This was our first interactive worship  with Niverville United Church with Rev. Bill Millar leading worship.

Rev. Bill shares with us:

So, we start on this new adventure in our 2 communities, and I think it is wonderful, and I am so grateful about having a hand a bit of hand in it, but it is not an end in itself.

The purpose of all this technology that is either working or perhaps not, is about equipping us to go out to enter the lives of folk who are not part of the church, and there to offer that compassion, love – stand with them in any pain of theirs.

For us to do that we need to not run from our own pain, and be well aware of this great compassion, this love that gives us the strength to go forward.

All the trappings, this video stuff, is about equipping us to do the stuff that really matters, the stuff that is outside these sanctuaries. It is about what happens beyond these doors. May God give us the grace to find God out there. Amen

Worship with Rev. Jan Van Aertselaer

The joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by guest speaker Rev. Jan Van Aertselaer.

One of the gifts that comes from Indigenous teachings is a deep respect for all that lives on this Earth, recognizing our inter-connectedness and our inter-dependence. To reflect this teaching, prayers often end with the term “All our Relations”.  And giving thanks for the gifts of Creation is an important daily practice, reminding us that we belong to this Earth – it does not belong to us – and reminding us to share its gifts with humility and with gratitude.

Worship with Rev. Bill Millar

Join us we celebrate Steinbach and Niverville United Church graduates during the service. An exciting time in our young people’s lives!

A Moment to Ponder –
The Buddha was asked about warfare once and famously responded: It’s the second arrow that is often fatal. The second arrow is our thinking/feeling – what we think or feel about that first arrow. We can’t control the first. Life will bring its pain, unexpectedly, untimely… we can’t control that but we can control what we say to ourselves afterwards…” God this is not fair! Why God? Why have you abandoned me?” Take a moment and think about how you’ve responded to the arrows in your life…


Worship with Rev. Paul DuVal

The joint Pentecost worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Rev. Paul DuVal.

This Pentecost let us cultivate a new fruit of the spirit that is not so new, only expressed in a slightly different way.  This summer as we seek the Holy Spirit amidst the songbirds, or a family reunions.  Let us not seek to convince others of the godliness and rightness of our ideas and opinions, but we seek to express love as we listen to and try to understand the concerns of others.  Not tht we abandon our own thoughts and ideas, just that we set them to one side in order to be curious about what others might be thinking.

Building  understanding through the spiritual gift of compassionate listening, might be one way we can use this season of Pentecost to connect with others and create relationships.


Worship with Rev. Bill Millar

The joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Rev. Bill Millar.

Jeremiah’s letter to the exiles – away from their homes, all that mattered to them destroyed. Separated from God’s place. “Build houses. Live in them. Plant gardens. Seek the good of the city where God sent you into exile. Pray for the city. For I know the plans I have for you, says God, plans for your shalom, your benefit, not your destruction”.

Promise comes to all of us We all are facing or will face difficult circumstances. In them, what is the right thing to do?  That’s where prayer is so important. Is it the right thing to get out of that situation (e.g. abuse) or is it the right thing to stay in and feel that pain? Allowing our hearts to break can be very healing. They can link with God’s.

It hurts. But feeling pain is okay. The critical thing is to keep on loving. The world doesn’t have to make sense, just keep on loving, keep on doing what God asks us to do.

And may we do it with at least a little bit of grace.

Worship with Rev Paul DuVal

The joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Rev. Paul DuVal.

It is human nature to long for the familiar, to imagine that our best years are behind us and seek to recreate them going forward.  The world changes, we change. Though we enjoy remembering our past, we live in the present, and prepare for the future.  Openness, trust, and hope are our best allies.  As we look forward to times that may be very different from what we have known, let us let our hearts be calmed by the Spirit that is always with us.

Beyond Our Walls Worship Service – Love our Neighbours

This joint worship service with Niverville United Church is being led by the Reaching Out Team at Steinbach United Church. This service is part of “Beyond Our Walls”. Several times a year, the Reaching Out Team prepares a “Beyond Our Walls” service, highlighting the work of other organizations that provide support and services to those in need. It’s an important reminder that our faith compels us to look beyond our walls for opportunities to fulfill God’s call to us.

In this service, guest speaker Irene Kroeker from Steinbach Community Outreach shares her real experiences of her work with Steinbach Community and how God’s hand is ever present in the work that they do there.  She shares with us the the homeless situation in Steinbach and encourages us to look at how we might help. Neighbours helping Neighbours.

Worship with Rev. Bill Millar

The joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Rev. Bill Millar.

Think of all that is best in a mother’s love – what comes to mind?

Nurturing. Patient. Unselfish. Unconditional. Fierce. Determined. Tenacious … this, we are reminded, is how God feels toward us.

If your history, your experience around motherhood – your own mother, or experience of being a mother, has had heartbreak, we stand with you and will pray for you, with you. And if your experience has been a wonderful experience and you are so grateful then we rejoice with you. No matter what your experience, we are together. And all your experience, even the grieving, belong, they are real. Weep, but don’t get stuck in the weeping. Don’t get trapped by needing to have all the answers.

God will walk with us into the uncertainty – because that’s where resurrection is.


Worship with Rev. Paul DuVal

The joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Rev. Paul DuVal.

Our two spiritual readings (Acts 9: 1-19 & John 21:1-19) this week focus on leaders who thought they had a clear view of their future.  Then it all changed.  Last week we studied Thomas, and how he wasn’t afraid to ask hard questions, and wouldn’t accept easy answers.  Here are some questions to think about:

What is it that I have been trying to do differently lately?

When have I been on autopilot, rather than using my best thinking?

What are problems I had a year ago I managed to solve?

What worries I had a year ago that weren’t rooted in reality?

Spring, a time for new thoughts, new actions, new changes.

Where might God be leading us in our lives, and as the church?

Worship with Rev. Bill Millar

The joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Rev. Bill Millar.

Sometimes the question is more important that the answer.  Sometimes finding the courage to simply ask it gives us what we need to move forward in our living. Thomas was willing to stand apart and be true to the questions in his mind/heart.  Our society might benefit if all of us were a bit more like Thomas…less likely to be influenced by ads telling us what we need in life, what body shape we should be, by propaganda or social media.

What questions are important in your life right now?

Are there important life-questions about faith, or purpose, or relationships?

God is never afraid of our questions…So we can be honest in our believing and even in our doubting.  God’s love has plenty of room for both.


Easter Service

This Easter Sunday  joint worship service with Niverville United Church we sing praises of Hallelujah as the stone was rolled away!  There is a promise  in what resurrection brings New Life, New Hope, New Joy!  Hallelujah!

Good Friday Service

Join us and be with us in this dark hour as we face our collective shadow.

We hear once again the story of the Crucified and Risen one, arms stretched out, bringing the broken and foolish world closer to his pierced heart, so that we, our world, may one day embrace the love flowing from that sacred, broken heart.

Palm Sunday

This Palm Sunday  joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Rev. Paul DuVal.   Join us we continue on our Lenten journey.

Lent:   A stony path to freedom?

As he drew near the city the crowds were cheering wildly “Make them stop!”
the religious officials said, you’re gonna make trouble….” If they were quiet,”
he said, “then even the stones would shout….”

Our sixth rocks remind us of the stones that could, even now, cry out.

What do you think the stones would say?  What might happen if we listened?

Fifth Sunday in Lent

This Fifth Sunday in Lent  joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Rev. Bill Millar.   Join us we continue on our Lenten journey.

Lent reminds us that we are living stones, somehow, living and connected.

‘I’ll replace your stony hearts,’ God promised the people. Hearts that have turned hard, brittle, cold. Perhaps it was through trauma of some kind. Or resentment. Maybe through disillusionment. ‘And I’ll replace them with a heart of flesh” Soft. Supple. A transplant of sorts.

Our fifth rocks remind us of those stony hearts….What might these hearts be telling us this morning? What do they want us to understand?

Fourth Sunday In Lent

This Fourth Sunday in Lent  joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Rev. Paul DuVal.   Join us we continue on our Lenten journey.

Is it a time for casting stones?

The religious group dragged her half-naked to him. They caught her in the very act of adultery, they said. Moses told us we should stone her, they taunted. What do you say? He looked down, averted his eyes from her shame, and said, ‘Whoever is without sin can throw the first stone.’ One by one, they slowly walked away.

No stones to condemn her. What might she have felt?

Our fourth stones remind us of the stones that were not picked up that day.

What might these stones, the ones who stayed on the ground, what might they be telling us?

Third Sunday in Lent

This Third Sunday in Lent  joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Rev. Bill Millar.  Join us we continue on our Lenten journey.

In Revelation, it says that to the ones who overcome, God will give a white stone, on which is written a new name, which no one knows, except the one who receives it. Lent: A new identity. Jacob was running from his brother Esau that night, the brother he’d tricked to gain advantage. After the sun had set, he took one of the stones, put it under his head, and lay down to sleep. It was then that he had his dream, of a ladder or stairway to the sky, on which the angels were ascending and descending. He heard a great voice saying “I am the Lord your God, the God of your ancestors, and I will give you this land, the land on which you are lying. And your descendants will be a great nation.” He would later become Israel, a new identity, the personification of the nation.

Not much comfort in that stone though. Cold comfort. Why a stone for a pillow? Why would Jacob, God-wrestler, God’s people personified, be given such cold, hard comfort? Our third rocks remind us of the role of adversity, of pain in human experience.

White stones. Night stones. What are the rocks telling us?


Second Sunday in Lent

This Second Sunday in Lent  joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Rev. Paul DuVal .  Join us we continue on our Lenten journey.

Lent: A time to cast away stones and a time to gather them.

‘Look at the beautiful stone walls,’ the disciples oohed and ached. “Stunning. Magnificent.” “Yet not one stone will be left on another’ Jesus replied. Even the grandest of our designs eventually crumble. Some by attack. Some simply by erosion – they collapse under their own weight. Time and chance take their toll on all that is. Yet in their collapse, something new is born, a new creation. What are some of the designs, the constructions that we see collapsing? What is being born? Our second rocks remind us of these processes, building up and breaking down, part of the cycle of life. What might they be telling us about our visioning, our future?


First Sunday in Lent

This First Sunday in Lent  joint worship service with Niverville United Church is led by Rev. Bill Millar.  Join us on our Lenten journey.

There is a time, scripture says, for gathering stones, and a time to scatter them. During this season we call Lent, it will be for us, a time for gathering them. Seeing them, yes, Holding them, yes.  But also, a time of listening to them. What wisdom might they offer? We wonder….. 

Special Videos

Beyond our Walls Worship Service – Love Our Neighbor

This joint worship service with Niverville United Church is being led by the Reaching Out Team at Steinbach United Church. This service is part of “Beyond Our Walls”. Several times a year, the Reaching Out Team prepares a “Beyond Our Walls” service, highlighting the work of other organizations that provide support and services to those in need. It’s an important reminder that our faith compels us to look beyond our walls for opportunities to fulfill God’s call to us.
In this service, we will be looking at the educational organizations in the United Church of Canada. We will be learning about St. Andrew’s College in Saskatoon, The Centre of Christian Studies in Winnipeg and the Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre in Beausejour, right in our own backyard. These three centres offer opportunities to study, to enrich our faith journey and to develop our skills, whether we are interested in formal leadership positions in the church or not.

Black History Month Worship Service

In this joint worship service with Niverville United Church, we will hear of the many contributions and experiences of Black peoples in the United Church of Canada.  It’s a time to honor to celebrate the many contributions of Black people to Canadian Society.  It’s a time to remember African Canadian History, the struggles and the haunting legacy of the Trans Atlantic slave trade.  It’s time to really focus, through worship, reflection and deep conversations of the issues relevant to people of African decent in the church. Black History month is also unique to think of the past, the present and the future.

Affirming Celebration Service

Steinbach United has become an Affirming Ministry within the United Church of Canada – and that is something worth celebrating! Today is March 14th – PIE day – Public, Intentional and Explicit – and we were very intentional in choosing this Sunday for our Celebration Service.

Download the transcript (PDF) for “Affirming Celebration Servicehere.