2018 9 November

Painting the Stars: Science, Religion and an Evolving Faith Video Study,

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Video study,  Sessions 2 and 3, 7:30 pm, Tuesdays November 13th and 20th in the back of the sanctuary.  Each week can stand alone so even if you missed the first session, you can still come to the second or third.  With Facilitator – Ann Thompson-Courchane.

Come and be involved in this thought-provoking series.

Ever wondered how to make sense of faith, the Bible and our rapidly changing world?  How do new discoveries and knowledge in science fit in with both long-held beliefs and our evolving faith journey?  What does it mean to be faithful in the 21st century?  Join us for thoughtful discussion and learning. This is a 7-part series.  The remaining four sessions will take place in the new year.  All are welcome!

“I believe that what Christianity was to Judaism, science is to Christianity.  Science is reformed Christianity; it is a community of members who must tell the truth to one another as they explore their faith in the inherent intelligibility of the universe.”  William Irwin Thompson

Comment from an attendee from a previous held study on” Painting the Stars”

“We attended the “Painting the Stars” series at West Hawk United. We did only five sections but it was thought provoking, challenged accepted norms, confused and frustrated attendees but definitely put forward ideas that kept the conversations going well after the series was completed. Time well spent exploring the “Cosmic Christ” , the future of Christianity and “ the church”.”

Betty Ann Watts


2018 6 June

Youth Update!

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Hey youth, long time no talk 🙂

A few important things to note:

  1. This Sunday, June 10th, is the ARK and youth wind-up service. Come join us as we end off the year right with fun and laughter!
  2. The Youth Blog is being passed down to the capable hands of a new writer. Check back often for more frequent updates about upcoming events and insightful thoughts from the new Youth Blogger!
2018 26 January

Interested in a Video Study with the (late) Author and Bible Scholar Marcus Borg

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Everyone and anyone is Welcome to join us for this 5 week Study beginning Monday, Feb 19th – Monday, March 19th at 7PM

Author and Bible scholar Marcus Borg invites us to join him in revisiting Christianity’s most fundamental questions: Who is God? What does salvation mean? What place does Jesus hold in contemporary Christian faith? Marcus Borg helps you to address the fundamental questions that you struggle with as your faith matures or changes.

Each of the 5 “Embracing” units begins with a 10 – 15 minute DVD session video – and  a  group discussion to follow.


2017 25 September

Exploration Team and their Purpose

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For everything there is a season, a time for every matter under heaven”   Ecclesiastes 3:1

 Another season has come and gone and we are quickly moving into Fall. What a wonderful place we live with four beautiful seasons, always changing and evolving! And so it is with life – both as individuals and as a community. Steinbach United is in the midst of that change and evolution. It is an exciting time as we once again consider what we are meant to be about and how we will live out that calling.

As we are all aware, we are without a clergy person at this time. Our board made the decision to take this coming year to explore who we are as Steinbach United Church and then begin the process of calling a clergy person to assist us with our dreams. To that end an Exploration Team was created. Our names and contact information are at the end of this letter. We are building on the work that has already been done by the Ad Hoc, Transition and Affirming Teams over the past few years. Last October there was a survey completed by 41 people – an amazing number for a group our size! Plus 24 people attended the “Mission and Vision” workshop in November and another 16 attended the “Looking to the Future” workshop in May. Thanks everyone for participating! Your wisdom is helping to shape our future.

Conversation Circles In order to engage all of you in these decisions we are beginning with Conversation Circles – a time to gather with a few friends to talk about Steinbach United. We will be encouraging each person to share a story of a “best” experience of church, or of your spiritual or life journey. From these memorable experiences, and building on the words of wisdom from the surveys and the workshops we hope to determine what defines us as Steinbach United Church. We need your voice! Please say “yes” when invited to one of these gatherings.

 Next steps

Once we have a consensus on our focus, on what defines us, we will begin to consider what that might look like and what our priorities will be for the next few years – much like what we did in 2010 during our Rebooting exercise. Watch for ways to be involved in the coming weeks!

Then, we can determine how to enable this to happen – what leadership we need, both paid and volunteer – as well as the structure that would best support it. Exploring shared ministry will be part of this step as per the board motion. What may be shared, and how, is still a question.

 Exploration Team

 Gay Boese, Mary-Jane Orr, Ken Paton, Ally Klassen, Doug Enns, Marilynne Funk, Dennis Coley,  Carmen Koepke



2017 26 April

Mission & Vision Workshop – Saturday, May 13th 9AM- 3PM

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The next year will be one of exploration and experimentation.  Our next year together as a faith community will be different.  Change can bring with it questions, anxiety and confusion.  It can also bring excitement, new awareness and creativity.  This will not be a day for final decision making; rather it will be a day to explore questions, to be open about concerns, and to gather the strength and skills of a faithful, honest, sharing community of faith.  Cross roads do not need to be an ending; they can offer the freedom of choice in the creation of a new beginning.  Come and bring your questions, bring your listening skills and most of all bring your curiosity for this new challenge.

2017 7 April

Spring Messy Church

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Another fun filled event of  Messy Church .  Come Journey with us on Noah’s Ark. – April 21, 2017 from 5-7PM   A fun time for all ages  to experience Noah’s Ark, including crafts, stories, and a meal is always included.  Join in the fun for young and old.  NO COST.

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